Risk Factors That Contribute To High-Risk Pregnancies

Nearly every woman is excited when they get pregnant. When a woman is pregnant, the last thing she expects of her pregnancy is complications. Nevertheless, certain pregnancy complications develop even to a healthy pregnant woman. This usually happens especially if pregnant women don’t see their obstetrician often for more advanced prenatal care. While one pregnancy can be considered normal, another can be considered a high-risk pregnancy. Women who have had high-risk pregnancies before are advised to consult a qualified high risk obstetrician Sydney has to offer before they get pregnant again. According to most high-risk obstetricians, certain conditions contribute to high-risk pregnancies. These conditions include:


If you are diabetic, it is advisable to first see a competent maternal-fetal medical specialist or high-risk obstetrician to monitor your overall health condition. Most women don’t know that preconception counseling is vital for pregnant women especially those who are diabetic. Although it is common for some women to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, regulating it is important. Since diabetes is a serious chronic condition, pregnant diabetic women should not miss any appointment with their high risk obstetrician Sydney has today.


Pregnant women with this condition develop high blood pressure and high protein levels are evident in their urine. Moreover, they develop edema where their body especially the legs swell. If a pregnant woman with this condition doesn’t regularly visit their Sydney high risk obstetrician as scheduled, she is likely to develop platelet and liver abnormalities. Close monitoring is required in any pregnant woman with this condition so as to balance delivery risks against maternal complications.


Women who have had higher-order multiple or twin pregnancies have higher chances to experience serious pregnancy complications. Only a highly skilled medical reproductive expert can handle such risks. Besides performing additional ultrasounds to monitor your pregnancy, any reputable high risk obstetrician in Sydney would also determine the date the child would be delivered. Even if you have not had any complication for the first two trimesters and you and your unborn child seem healthy, you should not consider obstetric appointments unimportant.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Most pre-existing sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes highly manifest during pregnancy. STDs may not seem detrimental to the pregnant woman, but they can terminate the life of the unborn child if not treated in good time. Any pregnancy may be termed risky if the mother is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease such as syphilis and the unborn child is confirmed infected. An obstetric provider may use ultrasound facilities to confirm this. In a case where the pregnant woman suffers from HIV, she should be under the care of an experienced high risk obstetrician Sydney has today to ensure the safety of the unborn child.

Women who have or has had any of the above risk conditions should rely much on the advice they get from their obstetric providers. With such risk factors, one is likely to have a high-risk pregnancy. Victims of such risk factors should not fear to get pregnant, but they should do so under the close guidance of a competent obstetric provider. If you don’t have a personal obstetrician, you should hire high risk obstetrician Sydney has today to avoid risking both your life and that of the unborn child.