Giveaways 101: Pastries to Use as Wedding Souvenirs

Still haven’t decided on which souvenirs to give on your wedding day? Why not use some of the well-loved pastries popular today as your official wedding day giveaway? Gone are the days when newlyweds would give glass or ceramic figurines as symbols of the most wonderful day of their lives to their guests. Now, couples go for something more utilitarian, like something as simple as baked bread or as intricate as a beautifully decorated pavlova. In fact, some couples even go to the next step and try to share bread or pavlova recipes. Here are some suggestions on which pastries to give as wedding day souvenirs:



pavlova recipes


    1. Breads – A lot of people consider bread as their staple breakfast food so wrapping up bread and giving them as wedding souvenirs is definitely a wise move. You may offer wheat, raisin, corn, or even banana bread. If you choose banana bread, for instance, one option is to buy banana bread from your local store, wrap them up in personalized papers or foils and you’re all set. If you have banana bread recipes you may take your effort up a notch higher and bake them yourself.


    1. Cupcakes – Mini versions of your wedding cake is also a good wedding day souvenir option. Cupcakes may or may not have frosting and if in case they have frosting, you may choose to use buttercream, fondant, and the like. Another advantage of using cupcakes is that you can decorate it to show the official motif or theme of your wedding.


    1. Pavlova – This dessert is made from meringue and is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. There are many pavlova recipes out there today giving rise to various pavlova products like pavlova cakes, sheets, etc. They are easy to make and wrap up as wedding giveaways. In fact, you can even opt to serve them at the wedding party as part of the dessert buffet. If you’re willing to share your pavlova recipes to your friends, you can print them up in colorful cards and distribute them together with the goodies!


    1. Scones – If you’re unable to give big chunks of bread, you may also try to bake scones, wrap them up and give as souvenirs. Scones are small bread or cake usually made from wheat, oatmeal, or barley. What’s great about scones is that they’re not too sweet so aside from being handy wedding day giveaways, they’re a healthy option too!


  1. Macaroons – Another pastry that is gradually becoming a highly popular special occasion giveaway option is the macaroons. They are small round cakes usually made from coconut, ground almonds, egg white, flavorings, etc. You may order batches to use either as part of your wedding party dessert selection or as the official souvenirs. You can even choose a macaroon flavor or color that matches your wedding theme.


These are just some of the many pastries you may give as souvenirs to your wedding day guests. If you wish to go online and see how these pastries look like, you may want to start with The Country Chef Bakery Co. for selections of bread, pavlova, and other traditional baked goodies.