Ailments Commonly Treated by Family Health Practitioners

Family medicine is the branch of medical practice which serves as the first line of seeking treatment, with patients only getting referred to a specialist where necessary. Such medical professionals attend to a broad range of ailments that cut across diverse age groups. Family health practitioners the gap medical centre has, for instance, tend to handle certain health complaints more than others in their day to day consultations.

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1. Aches and Pains

A lot of patients come in complaining of pain, which may arise due to a number of reasons. Discomfort could be occasioned by injuries such as sprains or strains, conditions like osteoarthritis and bursitis, or perhaps even be symptomatic of other underlying issues. However, the seasoned doctors the gap has to offer for example should be capable of diagnosing the problem based on where the pain is located, when and how it began, as well as overall health of the patient.

2. Headaches

Another complaint that is quite common with patients of family health clinics is headaches, which includes migraines. Headaches may be caused by various issues. After diagnosing chronic migraines, a practitioner could prescribe medication for easing the painful symptoms. They may also be occasioned by allergic sensitivity or nasal infection like Sinusitis. The gap medical centre, for instance, has doctors you may visit for an appropriate diagnosis if faced with such a situation. It would possibly involve conducting an allergy test before determining the right treatment regimen for the infection. If the problem persists, the doctor might suggest an eye examination, MRI or CT scan just to rule out the presence of neurological problems.

3. Cold and Flu Symptoms

Some of the cold and flu symptoms family health practitioners commonly see include chest congestion with accompanying cough, aches, fever, tiredness, sore throat and even runny nose. Once a person falls sick, the causative bacteria, cold or flu virus may easily get spread throughout the home. A Walton bridge medical doctor may in response prescribe antibiotics or antivirals in an attempt of shortening the expected duration of illness. This is in addition to recommending plenty of rest and fluids to expedite recovery of the patient.

4. Stomach Pains                              

Abdominal pain is yet another common complaint faced by general physicians. It may present with symptoms such as constipation or diarrhea and may be either chronic or acute. The practitioner will normally treat the symptoms and make subsequent recommendations for preventing dehydration. A doctor for family practice the gap has available may also run tests for establishing whether the patient has ulcers or a condition like gastritis, if the pain gets severe and persistent.

5. Skin Disorders

A good number of patients visit the gap medical centre and other family health clinics with complaints of various skin disorders, ranging from minor to the extreme. Some of them might include rashes resulting from exposure to irritants, psoriasis, cysts, chronic acne and alarming or irregular moles and spots. If the initial treatment proves unsuccessful, the physician may alternatively refer the affected patient to a dermatologist.

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