Advantages of yoga and mindfulness for Wellington inhabitants

Mindfulness could possibly be the key to solving the matter of urban stress. In Wellington, there are far more trucks and vehicles on the streets than in the past, causing higher amounts of noise, pollution and cover. Life can get even tougher here if you don’t have enough space, or if you are suffering from challenging financial circumstances. From an evolutionary standpoint, stress pushes us to evolve in order to conform to our environment. When stress becomes chronic, it can jeopardise our long-term health.

In earlier times, many believed stress was not an issue in Wellington because the city is teeming with nature and peaceful places to relax. The Botanic Garden is immersed in beautiful plants and offers some decent views of the city. Then there’s the Wellington Waterfront, an ideal area for checking out the locals, modern art installations and chic cafes. On the wilder side, Otari-Wilton’s Bush is just 10-20 minutes away from city center and is a great area for hiking and birdwatching.

However, there’s a growing number of academics and researchers who’ve come to reckon that external locations is not the best answer to ease stress. Instead, turning inward towards mindfulness (and related practices) is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in cities.

The rise of mindful awareness in Wellington

The shift towards inner awareness began in Wellington during the Nineteen eighties, when Wellington residents began coming back from India to teach the skills that they learned in ashrams. Later, teachers began to discover the primary advantages of blending mindfulness with asanas, into something often identified as “mindful yoga.”

In classes across New Zealand, instructors began to offer tools to assist students to apply traditional Buddhist mindfulness teachings with the use of asana practices.

Such classes help to reinforce your presence and awareness, which can help deal with the constant conflicts and distractions of urban life.

Joining a mindful yoga classes in Wellington

In New Zealand, many “mindful yoga” teachers claim that including mindfulness with yoga was a process that developed through experimentation. They simply stuck with methods that connected with their students, evolved them over time. In many cases, this involved integrating mindfulness techniques that would complement hatha yoga practices.

As one example, Te Aro Astanga Yoga is a well-liked Wellington yoga studio. There, instructors use mindfulness to groom newcomers into finding tangible benefits through each and every practice. The classes are meant to alleviate stress, foster calmness, and nurture a sense of confidence and achievement.

To be clear, it doesn’t matter which form of yoga you choose, for this type of blended practice. The good thing about mindfulness training integrated with yoga is that it transcends yoga styles. Once you understand the fundamentals of mindfulness, you can apply it in any type of yoga class.

At Te Aro Astanga Yoga, their loyal roster of students seem unified in their zest for this type of training. In regards to bringing stress relief into their lives, most students we talked to claimed that few things they tried have proven to be as effective.